Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Milky Way

My first digital painting... hopefully more to come.

The main idea for this painting was to have a character in its environment. I took one of the character's design I recently posted, and made him into a milkman. Since he was riding a unicycle, it only made sense :) Thanks Ron, for this cool idea.

I love these European alleys. The best thing about them is the light, which mainly contain reflected light that bounces between the walls. This is such a nice atmosphere to capture. I based most of the environment design on a neighborhood I really like from back home "Neve Tzedek", such a nice area.


Dan said...

I think the best part of this piece is all the nice shapes and angles you created. I feel like the place has personality and it's somewhere I'd like to explore. If you were to work on this more, you might consider adding in extra details like buildings turning around the corner more faded off in the BG, and maybe people poking their heads out the windows like "WTF?"

He's fun to look at. Nice job :)

lindsey olivares said...

so you told me this in class, but it just now clicked. I didn't have you linked...sorry. You're on there now :)your painting came out nice. I especially like the patch of light on the building. I agree with Dan about the details, it's all those little things extra details that really can push the piece.

good job lirrron

Greg Peltz said...

Excellent job on that background. The look you got that borders between cartoony and realistic is a hard one to achieve. Good job Liron!