Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Oldies...

Its been a while since I updated. Some animations are coming really soon. But in the mean time i thought to post some older works.

Ice Cubes

My first 3d character animation here at Ringling :) Trying to tell a story in 10 sec is hard. The idea was to convey emotions through very simple shapes, like cubes. Looking back there are many things I would change, but I guess this is part of the learning process. I still enjoy watching it. Fun


This was so tidies to model, but it was worth it. Its all rigged and ready for animation. I did some rig tests but haven't had the time to really take it for a spin. I plan on animating something fun with it when I have some spare time. All NURBS....


Zink is a character I developed with Avner, a while ago. It'll be a while before we can breath some life into him. But we will, one day. Seriously... we will.


Dan said...

I think your primitive theater set the standard in over-achieving awesomeness at Ringling. I would post mine but I'm in the process of stabbing it in the face with a poisoned spear and burying it under the bed of Lake Superior.

By the way, if you make Zink's sister, name her name penny.

Roy said...

My brother says this one is amazing!!!