Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Self Caricature

Here are some WIP of my new character who is.. me :)

And a turn around in color, textures still not final. Click to play...

I wanted to thank the brilliant Joe Bluhm for showing me what to push with his amazing caricature he made of me, it was so helpful. Designing myself was really hard because I couldn't see anything to exaggerate, in my own eyes I was the most ordinary guy.
Looking back at Widget and Ramone, my two previous characters, I can see in each of them resemblance to my caricature. I guess its true, we always put something of ourselves in our characters, I wasn't even aware how much like me they were, before working on this project. So be sure to check joe's blog and web site.. great stuff. Thanks Joe :D


Avner Geller said...

What an honor to be the first to comment on this one :)
Well, I already told you, but this one really came out fantastic! I love it so much, and you have definitely captured the essence of you. I just can't wait to see that Mini Liron come to life... ahhh, can't wait to do mine and do a dialogue in our own "Gibberish" ;) keep on the great job bro!

mkummer said...

Very appealing shapes Liron. G'job!

I've got a blog now too, not much yet but check it http://mattkummer.blogspot.com

Greg Peltz said...

Man, Liron...bang up job on this one! The textures and model turned out great, I especially love that little point on your hair and the area around the eyes. Awesome!

Ranimate said...

Liron, That is one awesome model, resembles you too.

The design is very appealing and realy fun to watch.
Cant wait to see this one animated especialy with that awesome eyes rig you managed to setup.

Keep up the top notch work you are doing!

Uri said...

Looking great man, I love the eyes and hair.. adds alot.. let's see this guy moving :D

What about some shfitzuration? ;)

Liron Topaz said...

Thanks guys :) Its really good to hear you like it.

Avner- well.. now its up to you, mine is ready to go.

Matt, cool blog.. added to my links

Greg, I'm just trying to keep with you... you're setting a standard here at school.

Ran - Thanks man... it was hard getting all the face shapes I wanted for the animation.. hopefully it will all work out the way I want it.

Uri - I'd love to add some... :D

Thanks guys... I'll update some more screen shots soon.

Kim said...

Wow! This is awesome, Liron. :) Can't wait to see it movin'!

eydi said...

I like this character :)nice modeling...