Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I can't believe I finished my junior year here at Ringling already. Summer break just started, and soon I will be a senior... yiykes

Here are some figure gesture drawings from the last semester.

I really enjoy gesture drawing. There's something really amazing with the idea of capturing the essence of an action rather than the likeness of the model. Makes you really look inside the forms, and find the rhythm and the action of the figure.


Alex said...

I always love your line quality. you and Matt always made the rest of us look like slackers ;) hope your summer is well!

mkummer said...

lookin' good. How's the model comin'. Also where you at this summer?

Brendan Carroll said...

Love the gesture work, you have a really nice flow.

Stevie said...

Hey Liron! I've heard so so much about you!~

I love love love your style and 3Dtechniques, absolutely amazing! :) Can't wait to see what you have planned for your thesis~ How's that going by the way?

David Colman said...

thanx for the email and nice to meet you too.

Your life drawing is solid...good volumes and nice poses. However, try to introduce some strengths into your work..it will give it some solidarity. When you mix straights and curves in your sketches they tend to be more successful... also start to construct some of the appendages, like hands and feet..
Otherwise...looks great!!! Hope this helps...and hey..you asked...cheers!

Liron Topaz said...

Thanks a lot guys :)

Matt - Thanks, I'm interning at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Lots of fun.

Stevie - Wow, thanks. Thesis posts will come real soon, just need to have stuff to show.

David - Thanks so much, I really do appreciate the honest crit. Honor to have you here in my blog, thanks for dropping by. It makes a lot of sense, I really need to add more straight lines.

nir hirschfeld said...

cool man!!!!! nice lines
love it!!!

Wlad said...

Great sketches!


Love these drawings that you have done. Maybe one of these days I can draw like that. Very inspirational!