Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thesis Time

As usual I haven't updated in a while. This summer was really crazy and a lot of fun. I had amazing time over at Sony Imageworks in their animation internship program, and I met a lot of really cool and talented people.

But no time to rest, cause its thesis time! I'm super excited about thesis, I've been wanted to do my own short film ever since I saw the 'Monk and the fish' by Michael Dudoc De Wit years ago in an animation festival. It has been such a big inspiration for me all these years.

Here is concept art from last semester. I really like the way this painting came out. Something about it really got the feeling I was going for. Now the real trick will be to translate it to 3d.

Its a village somewhere in the middle east, without any kind of communication with the rest of the world. I'll post some images of my main character Oshan in the next couple of days as I finish him for out school crit.

Here are some color studies for the interior. Was really trying to loosen up with these strokes and just get a color scheme I like.


Francesco Giroldini said...

The light coming from the window would bounce on the wall and flood the entire room with a very saturated orange. Bounce light tends to be much more saturated than direct lighting, and takes most of its color from the places where it bounces.


Very Cool!!!